Membership Application Forms

The benefits of membership of the Royal Federation of Aero Clubs are many. We are the only organisation that represents general aviation flight training in Australia. As such, we can assist you with operational issues, represent you and your organisation on technical working groups, provide opportunity through the RFACA flying training conferences to meet with regulatory and other industry participants, have a voice in aviation forums as well as providing access to expertise in all aspects of general aviation.

Additionally, we conduct the annual Australian Light Aircraft Championship where non-professional pilots come together to compete in a series of events as an individual and or a member of a club team.

There are three categories of membership available within the RFACA:

  • Flight Training Organisations (Aero Clubs and Flight Schools holding a Part 141/142 certificate)
  • Flying Clubs and Associations
  • Individuals

The membership fees are:

  • Flight Training Organisations – Part 141 only – $500
                                                   – Part 141/142  – $1000
  • Flying Clubs and Associations – $200 per annum
  • Individuals – $40 per annum

The membership year commences 1 January through 31 December.

Aero Club or Association Membership
Clubs and associations that do not hold a Part 141 or Part 142 certificate

Flight Training Organisations Membership
Club and flight training organisations who hold a Part 141 or Part 142 certificate to conduct flight training

Individual Membership
An individual wishing to become a member of the RFACA