About Us

The Federation can offer to member Clubs the following:

  • Technical Advisory & Safety Committee

Committee members make representation on the Federation’s behalf at Ministerial level and at as many industry meetings throughout the year as is practicable. The Federation’s Technical Advisory Committee – Charles Thompson Chair – from Basair Aviation Aviation College, John Douglas OAM Deputy Chair – from Royal Aero Club of WA, John Willis OAM – former CFI Latrobe Valley Aero Club, Mike Waldburger CFI Darling Downs Aero Club, Tony Hall  CFI Rockhampton Aero Club, Phil Unicomb CFI  Royal Newcastle Aero Club, Antony Provan Chief Pilot Royal Victorian Aero Club, Gerard Lappin  CFI Latrobe Valley Aero Club, Amy Hall  CFI Royal Aero Club of WA, Dick Gower CFI Yarra Valley Flight Training, Chris Koort CFI Schofields Flying Club, Mike Nolan CFI Manning River Aero Club, Rod Jouning ATO Echuca Aero Club and John Warren Instructor Latrobe Valley Aero Club, who liaise with CASA on any proposed changes occurring in the Industry.

  • Annual Conference

An Annual Conference is held providing the only opportunity for Managers and CFI’s of Clubs to get together with CASA, Air Services, ATSB etc and each other annually to discuss the Flying Training Industry and changes within General Aviation.

  • Australian Light Aircraft Championships

To compete in the Australian Light Aircraft Championships each year in the team event you must be a member of the Federation. This is a most worthwhile event, not only for the competition, but it enhances flying skills and creates great club spirit amongst members.

  • Wings International Championships

The winners of the Australian Light Aircraft Championships represent Australia in a Competition with winners of Royal New Zealand Aero Club’s Nationals competition. It is held alternately in Australia and New Zealand each year.

  • Reciprocal Membership Rights

Pilots of RFACA Member Clubs are entitled to Reciprocal Membership Rights and other privileges with other member Clubs.

  • Pilot Proficiency Programme

Supplying of Certificates and badges for certain stages of achievement in flying. Brochure attached.

  • RFACA Flying Scholarship

Airservices Australia is our sponsor for the RFACA Flying Scholarship Competition.Two prizes to the value of $7700 each to be won. This is a competition that all Clubs can participate in and will assist with utilisation of club aircraft.

  • RFACA Products

Only members of the RFACA can purchase Gold Wings and other RFACA insignia items.

  • Management Assistance

The Federation is aware that Committees change frequently in Aero Clubs and recognise that lack of continuity can cause problems. We can offer advice on any administration problems be they large or small. If we cannot assist directly we will try our best to supply names and telephone numbers of those who can.

  • Pilots (General Aviation) Award

We recognise that the interpretation of the Award is very difficult especially when employing Instructors. We can again offer advice or put you in contact with someone who can assist in these matters.