Wings International 2020 – Team Results

The Wings International competition was held in February 2020 at Tauranga, New Zealand. A beautiful city approximately two and a half hours drive south west of Auckland.

Our Australian Team were:

  • Andrew Stopp – Forced Landing
  • Ed Ten Broeke – Streamer Cutting & Flour Bombing
  • Jim Di Menna – Formation
  • Michael Stenson – Formation
  • Mick Harcourt – Formation
  • Peter Waite – Spot Landing
  • Lewis Newman – Aerobatics

John Douglas was our Steward and Marj Gillespie the Team Manager.

New Zealand won the Wings International Championship.

The results were:

  • Aerobatics – David Wilkinson NZ
  • Spot Landing – Peter Waite Australia
  • Forced Landing – Ian Begbie NZ
  • Formation – Andrew Butler, Grant Hopewell and Graeme Randle NZ.

Streamer Cutting and Flour Bombing scores at this stage are not being counted in the Wings International, this is likely to change in the future. Both these events were won by New Zealand.

Several of our Team then competed in the NZ National Championships and did well.

Ed Ten Broeke came first in the Streamer Cutting and Peter Waite came third.  The Australian formation team came second. Lewis Newman came third in the Aerobatics.

We look forward to inviting the New Zealand team to Australia in 2021.